Mechanical Bank "Paddy and the Pig," circa 1886

Although this bank was patented in 1882, it probably was not produced until 1886 when it first appeared in an advertisement. It was advertised as the "Shamrock" bank and was manufactured to ridicule the Irish for whom there was a great deal of prejudice during the late 1800s America. The bank depicts an Irishman (Paddy) holding a pig between his legs, while the pig knocks a penny off of his snout into the mouth of Paddy.

Made of cast iron, and measuring 7 3/16" long, "Paddy and the Pig" mechanical bank was manufactured by the J. & E. Steven's Company in Cromwell, Connecticut. This example is in excellent all original condition with no restoration and no touch-up or repaint of any kind. It also has the original leg on the pig, which is of particular significance since it is often replaced due to the rough action and handling.

The bank operates as follows:
place a coin (penny) on the snout of the pig overlapping it a little bit towards his kicking foot; press down on the lever in the back of "Paddy"; "Paddy" opens his mouth, rolls his eyes and sticks out his tongue as the pig kicks the coin into the opening of his mouth.

Dealer Clive Devenish Antiques
Date: Circa 1886
Origin Cromwell, Connecticut U.S.A.
Artist/Maker J. & E. Stevens Company
Measurements 7 3/16" long
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Price $4875.
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