"William Tell" Mechanical Bank. Circa 1896

"William Tell" mechanical bank was patented and manufactured in 1896 by the J. & E. Steven's Company in Cromwell, Connecticut. The bank is in excellent all original paint and condition, with no repairs touch up or repaint of any kind, and the stem on the boy's head intact. It is made of cast iron and measures 10 5/8" long.

The bank has outstanding action and operates as follows:
tip the apple up on top of the boys head by rotating his arm;
pull the launching lever back on the barrel of the rifle until it snaps into place; William Tell leans his head forward and down; place a coin on the barrel up near the launch; press down on William Tell's right foot. The penny is launched into the castle knocking the apple off the boy's head, ringing a bell inside, as William Tell raises his head to observe. Above the stock of the rifle, a paper firing cap may be used in the space provided to simulate the firing of the weapon.

Dealer Clive Devenish Antiques
Date: Circa 1896
Origin Cromwell, Connecticut
Artist/Maker J. & E. Stevens Company
Measurements 10 5/8" long (at the base)
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Website http://www.clivedevenishantiques.com/home.php
Price $2685
Contact Clive Devenish, 510.414.4545 or  clivedevenishantiques@comcast.net

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