Acoma Historic jar, circa 1890

This early Acoma jar is strikingly beautiful. It addition, it is very well made and it has an intricate and very strong geometric design, reminiscent of pots made earlier. Condition is excellent. Pre-1900 pottery is sought after by collectors.


The Pueblos learned pottery making from their ancestors, the Anasazi. Using their own clay deposits and painting designs with vegetal paint, the Pueblo artist fires the pot over an open fire. (Their clay cannot be thrown or fired in a kiln). Because the natural clay near Acoma has kaolin in it, the wall of the pot is very thin and strong. (Kaolin is used in porcelain, which gives it its strength.


This Acoma jar is stunning with its beautiful design elements and fine paint, reminiscent of even earlier pottery.


"Marcy Burns"

Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: circa 1880
Origin Acoma Pueblo
Artist/Maker unsigned
Measurements 12" diameter x 12" high
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Price $9500.
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