Navajo Transitional blanket

This blanket is woven out of handspun wool, some it dyed with synthetic dyes. The wool is quite soft and is likely from sheep that have Churro sheep heritage. The design has 5 main horizontal panels flanked by the adjoining two panels above and below, as do Classic Navajo serapes.  (When worn,  a Classic Navajo blanket's center panel would run vertically down the wearer's back). The distinguishing feature that makes this a Transitional blanket is the addition of a border on the top and bottom of the textile.


Given the classic layout, proportions, type of wool, and likely reference to railroad tracks, this weaver most likely lived  in a remote location on the Navajo Reservation. She also most likely wove blankets before this period.


Please also note that the edges of all the bands have diagonal parallelograms, most probably a reference to railroad tracks. The railroads came to the Southwest in 1880.


Condition is excellent, with a few very minor stains, as illustrated in the photos.


ex: Private Collection; Marcy Burns American Indian Arts


"Marcy Burns"



Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: 1880s
Origin Navajo
Artist/Maker Navajo weaver, name unknown
Measurements 49" wide x 75" long
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Price SOLD
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