Navajo Two Gray Hills rug

This textile is an example of an early Two Gray Hills rug.  A central diamond with classic Navajo stepped edges is linked to geometric designs with a cross center and "hooked" ends, reflecting influence from the Crystal Trading Post.


This design is known as a "storm pattern" rug. JB Moore at Crystal incorporated this design in his Catalog of 1911 and it proved popular with Anglo buyers. (To read more about this design, go to what Ann Hedlund at the University of Arizona writes:  ( ).


The design of this Two Gray Hills is also very striking with its use of a negative center bordered by Valero stars in a white ground. Valero stars are an influence from the Spanish-Americans of New Mexico.


The weave is super-fine, as fine as the best of earlier wearing blankets.


"Marcy Burns"

Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: 1910-1920
Origin Navajo
Artist/Maker unknown weaver
Measurements 53 1/2" wide x 83 1/4" long
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Price $4500.
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