Navajo Germantown eyedazzler blanket

After the railroads arrived in the Southwest in 1880, a thriving trade developed between the Navajo and eager Anglos throughout the rest of the United States. The Navajo generally live in family homes spread throughout the reservation. The do not congregate in cities. Traders were therefore very instrumental in marketing and selling Navajo textiles and jewelry.


Germantown, Pennsylvania and surrounding towns were the center of wool manufacturing in the country. Plyed and dyed in bright synthetic dyes, these wools were imported by the army and the traders and were made available to the best weavers. Loving vivid colors, the Navajo began making very vibrant, "eye-dazzling" designs in their blankets. We refer to these as Navajo Germantown blankets.


We can date them by the specific wools used as well as by the quality and nature of the design. This Germantown eyedazzler is early, circa 1880-1890s, and it is in excellent condition. Both sides are equally vibrant and beautiful.



Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: circa 1880-1890s
Origin Navajo; NM and Arizona
Artist/Maker unknown Navajo weaver
Measurements 35" wide at the widest point x 59" long, including the fringe
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