Dirk van Erp jardiniere

Monumental Dirk Van Erp jardiniere. Original patina and in perfect condition.

Dirk van Erp (1860 - 1933) was a Dutch American, coppersmith and metalsmith, known for lamps made of copper with mica shades, copper vases, bowls and candlesticks. One of the leading metal workers during the Arts and Crafts period.

Dealer Dalton's American Decorative Arts' LLC
Date: 1910
Origin San Fransisco, CA
Artist/Maker Dirk van Erp
Measurements 12 3/4" tall x 17 1/2" diameter
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Website http://www.daltons.com
Price $19,500.00
Contact David Rudd, (315) 463-1568 or  rudd@daltons.com

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