Antique Hopi coiled tray with Polik Mana

The Hopi on Second Mesa have a long tradition of weaving coiled baskets out of yucca with grass foundation. This tray is the finest that we have ever seen and it has survived in remarkable condition. Please note the raised stitches that are incorporated into the design as well as the remarkable patina of the basket.


Polik Mana (often referred to as Butterfly or Corn Maiden) is the figure who is represented in the design. She is not technically a katsina but rather is a dancer who appears in various Hopi ceremonies. There is a slight fading to the dyes used on the yucca in the front of the basket. The result is a very appealing color.


Condition is excellent, with a few missing stitches.  It has been in Marcy Burns' private collection since 1985.

Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: 1900-1920
Origin Hopi, Second Mesa
Artist/Maker unknown weaver
Measurements 15" diameter x 1 5/8" high
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