Ute tail or paint bag

The Ute Indians lived in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico during the 19th century. Being a migratory group on horseback, their clothing and utensils necessarily had to travel easily. Before a warrior went to battle, he would paint his face with designs that he hoped would give him power and protection. 


This bag is of a style that was used to carry paints. It dates to the period right before or during the period when the Indians were put on Reservations. Made of buffalo hide, glass seed beads, and sinew and in excellent condition, it is a very desirable piece to collect. At some point in its past, the leather tie was replaced by a braided piece of twine.

Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: circa 1870s-1880
Origin Plains, probably Colorado
Artist/Maker unknown potter
Measurements 8 1/2" long x 2 1/2" wide
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Price $2300.
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