Zuni pictorial jar with heartline deer

Formerly in a private collection, this Zuni jar  with classic heart line deer has all the charm that one expects of an 1870s Zuni pot. (Deer are sometimes also referred to as elk) . This pot is beautifully painted and the design is intriguing, with two of the deer exhibiting male genitalia. 

We rarely see explicit male deer on Zuni pots. Otherwise, this jar has the classic features of 1870s jars, with puki flexure at the bottom, a single undivided design in the top band, the deer in "feather house" design, and division of the main body into 2 wide panels (with the deer) alternating with 2 narrow panels (seen in the bottom photo to the right). For more detailed information on these features, go to "Polychrome Overview" in The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo by Dwight Lanmon and Francis Harlow (Museum of New Mexico Press, c. 2008), pp. 151-152.


Condition is excellent, with a few (stabilized) cracks, as one would expect of a jar this age.

Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: 1870s
Origin Zuni Pueblo, NM
Artist/Maker unknown artist
Measurements 13" diameter x 10" high
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Website http://www.marcyburns.com
Price $11,500.
Contact Marcy Burns Schillay, 212-439-9257 or  info@marcyburns.com

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