Standing Greyhound J. W. Fiske, Circa 1872

H: 36"; L: 46"; D: 13"

This statue is based on an effigy of Eos, Prince Albert's favorite dog who accompanied him from Germany when he traveled to England to marry Queen Victoria. The original statue is attributed to John Francis Bell (1780-1861), and cast in bronze for the dog's grave at Windsor Castle in 1845 and based on a portrait of the dog by Sir Edwin Landseer. Another bronze version was displayed at the Crystal Palace in London in 1851.


In New York, the J.W. Fiske Company's catalog of 1874 featured a zinc version of the portrait of Eos renamed Standing Greyhound. There is also evidence that it was available 2 years earlier in 1872. The Fiske Company order book has a record of a sale in 1872 to W.S. Culbertson of Indiana of Standing Greyhound, order no. 16895 for $110.

Dealer Kelly Kinzle
Date: circa 1874
Origin New York, NY
Artist/Maker J.W. Fiske
Inventory View Dealer's Inventory
Price $14,000
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