"Red Streak Racing Car" Circa 1928

This toy was manufactured in 1928 by The Buffalo Toy & Tool Works Company located in Buffalo, New York. It was undoubtedly produced to cash in on the interest created by automobile land speed records made by Sir Malcolm Campbell of Great Britain, in his famous "Blue Bird" which achieved a speed of 174 miles per hour in 1927. He was a world-famous race car driver who was knighted in 1931 in recognition of his land speed accomplishments.

Although futuristic in appearance, "Red Streak" is very similar in design and scale to Campbell's "Blue Bird" of 1927 and seems to have taken its cue from this streamlined racing car.

Everything is present on this near mint example; including the driver, the exhaust pipes, the star decals and "Red Streak" decal, and most important of all; the ball at the rear which activates the racing car. The decal states "Red Streak" and has the company logo, an image of a buffalo with the word "Toys" over it, also stated "Trade Mark Reg. US Pat Off. Made in U.S.A." On the base (underneath) is "Pat No 914438" which completes all of the markings.

The car is made of light weight pressed steel, and is activated by pulling out the ball at the rear of the car, which is attached to a spiral rod connected to a spring (similar to a worm drive). On release the vehicle moves forward across the floor. It works fine.

This toy is very rare in this condition. Although it does turn up now and then in used and fair shape; it is typically missing parts, whether it be the driver, a wheel, or missing decals, and is more often than not, found broken or inoperable.

The beautiful red racing car makes quite a statement at 21" long. Acquisition of same would be a wonderful opportunity to own a Classic vintage 1920s racing car in superb condition.

Dealer Clive Devenish Antiques
Date: 1928
Origin American
Artist/Maker Buffalo Toy Company
Measurements 21" long
Inventory View Dealer's Inventory
Website http://www.clivedevenishantiques.com/home.php
Price $985
Contact Clive Devenish, 510.414.4545 or  clivedevenishantiques@comcast.net

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