Acoma four color pottery jar

This polychrome (tetrachrome or 4 color) Acoma/Laguna jar has two rainbow bands that flow parallel through the design, from the neck down to the lower body, framed by areas that have geometric designs.  It also has checkered curvilinear bands, parallelograms, striking oval orange and red forms with black dotted interior borders and more.

A very similar pot was offered for sale by Morning Star Gallery in Santa Fe in an exhibit and published in the accompanying book by Francis Harlow, 200 Years of Historic Pottery: The Gallegos Collection,  1990, plate 35 (attached). Dwight Lanmon and Francis Harlow discuss another very similar jar in The Pottery of Acoma Pueblo (Museum of New Mexico Press, 2013), pp 256-257, Plate 15.22 (attached). They also publish a photo taken in a house in Acoma in 1901-1902 that has several pots resting on the floor, including one whose design is very similar to the pot we are offering here. It is likely that the same potter made all 3 of these jars.


The patina on this Acoma/Laguna jar is gorgeous. It reflects years of handling and care.



Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: circa 1880-1890s
Origin Acoma Pueblo, NM
Artist/Maker unknown
Measurements 14" diameter x 12 1/4" high
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