Staffordshire Saltglaze Enameled Silver-shaped Sauceboat

Circa 1755-60


The antique saltglaze sauceboat is painted in blue, green, turquoise, rose, yellow and white on one side with a Chinese lady seated beside a table and plucking a blossom from a vase of flowers, and near a curious rock issuing delicate berried vines and grasses.

On the reverse side are similar vase of flowers and ribbon-tied scroll resting upon the stem of a large peony spray. The spout is painted with similar flowers, the interior with a floral sprig and the rim surrounded by a trellis diaper band interrupted by demi-flowerhead cartouches.

Dimensions: Length 7 1/8 inches.

Dealer Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc.
Date: 1755-60
Origin england
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Price 4500
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