Portrait by Micah Williams

Portrait of a Young Woman Attributed to Micah Williams

The sitter of this portrait wears a fashionable tortoise shell comb amidst an elaborately curled hair style. With her proud poise she set the stage for a delightful likeness. A classic Micah Williams’ portrait of his New York period (1828-1831).


Medium: Pastel on paper on the original strainer. The original frame is gilded with some restoration to the appliqued corners.
Miscellaneous: The back of this portrait is lined with newspaper from Salem, New York dated 1830 at the time the artist was painting in New York. There is also a note attached and envelope revealing this portrait descended in the families of David Bell of Bridgeport, Connecticut and the Allison family of Chateaugay, New York.

Dealer Olde Hope Antiques, Inc.
Date: Circa 1830
Origin Micah Williams Portrait
Artist/Maker Micah Williams (1782-1837), New York
Measurements Original frame, 31 x 27 inches
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Website http://www.OldeHope.com
Price $8,500
Contact Edwin Hild/Patrick Bell, 215-297-0200 or  info@OldeHope.com

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