Sailor's Large Woolwork Woolie of The Royal Navy Ship H.M.S. Crocodile, A Euphrates-class Troopship, Circa 1875-90.

The large naive woolie depicts H.M.S. Crocodile steaming in rough waters. The ship is a converted sailing ship. A female figurehead can be seen on the bow (poetic licence!)

A Union Jack flies from the mast and a French banner from the main mast. In the background, another British ship can be seen. Large clouds are above, one with the sun appearing from behind. The name of the ship can be seen partially on the stern.


Dimensions: 29 1/2 inches high x 35 1/2 inches wide


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HMS Crocodile was a Euphrates-class troopship launched into the Thames from the Blackwall Yard of Money Wigram & Sons on 7 January 1867. She was the fourth and last vessel of the Royal Navy to carry the name.



Crocodile was one of five iron-hulled vessels of the Euphrates class. All five were built to a design of 360 ft overall length by about 49 ft breadth, although Malabar was very slightly smaller than the rest of the class. They had a single screw, a speed of 14 knots, one funnel, a barque-rig sail plan, three 4-pounder guns, and a white painted hull. Her bow was a "ram bow" which projected forward below the waterline.



She was built for the transport of troops between the United Kingdom and the Indian sub-continent, and was operated by the Royal Navy. She carried up to 1,200 troops and family on a passage of approximately 70 days. She was commissioned in April 1870 under Captain G H Parkin.


Crocodile was re-engined rather later in life than her sisters, with her single-expansion steam engine replaced with a more efficient compound-expansion type.
Crocodile's last voyage began at Bombay in October 1893. On 3 November, as she was approaching Aden, the high-pressure steam cylinder exploded and the ship came to a halt. The next day she was towed to an anchorage near Aden. Most of the soldiers and their families were brought home on other ships. Crocodile eventually arrived back at Portsmouth on 30 December 1893, having travelled using only the low-pressure steam cylinder, and was not further employed for trooping.

Dealer Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc.
Date: 1875-90
Origin England
Measurements 29 1/2 inches high x 35 1/2 inches wide
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Price 7500
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