Important Portrait of Samuel Gore, BOSTON TEA PARTY....PATRIOT and SON OF LIBERTY

Boston, ca. 1796, painted by Christian Gullager (1759-1826). Oil on canvas. As a member of the Sons of Liberty, Gore participated in several well-known events in pre-revolutionary Boston, including that of February, 1770, in which the Sons of Liberty taunted a known Tory and informer to the British: Ebenezer Richardson. They cornered Richardson at his home and hurled insults and garbage. Richardson responded by firing from his doorway, killing eleven year old Christopher Seider, and severely wounding Gore, who was treated by Dr Joseph Warren, a leader of the revolution movement who was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Gore also participated in the Boston Tea Party with Paul Revere and others on Dec. 16, 1773, and the stealing of the canon from the gun-house in Boston. Gore served briefly in the Revolutionary War under General John Hancock. Probably painted circa 1796 after his father's passing to commemorate his new standing as sole owner of his merchant business that provided "colors" and "patterns" to Boston. MUCH MORE BACKGROUND IS AVAILABLE ON SAMUEL GORE.....The artist, Christian Gullager, immigrated to Newburyport, MA in the mid 1780's. By 1789 he is listed as a portrait painter in the Boston directory. From this time to his departure in late 1796 or early 1797 he was known as one of the two best portrait painters in Boston. The Samuel Gore portrait is typical of the artists in this period in Boston period with its dashy impressionistic style. For information see "Christian Gullager, Portrait Painter to Federal America" by Marvin Sadik, 1976, which is the catalogue for an exhibition of his works at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC……Fine condition with minor retouch and is mounted in a ca. 1840 frame.

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