Art School Trade Sign

Outstanding Art School Trade Sign
By far one of the coolest trade signs I have ever had the pleasure of offering for sale.  This stellar, vintage 1930's art school sign is very unique.  This three-dimensional sign is from the Kalashnikoff Art School, est. 1939 on E. 4th Street in Cleveland, Ohio, and was a school for art instruction and art supplies.  It was designed and constructed in an Art Deco style and painted with polychrome textured pigments.  "Kalashnikoff" is mounted on a large artists palette with paint brushes and drips of paint hanging off of one side.  Still retaining 98% of its vibrant paint colors. Measuring 26"H x 53"W x 3"D.  Basil E. Kalashnikoff (1900 - 1973) was a professor of art and owner

Dealer Sheridan Loyd American Antiques
Date: Early 20th C.
Origin Ohio
Artist/Maker Basil E. Kalashnikoff
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