Unique and SPECIAL. Early Lighting. Branch Candlestick

Probably New England, ca. early 19th century, perhaps back into the 18th. Ingeniously carved from a root or branch-crotch. Retains a dry, unpainted well-patinated surface with nutty brown color and what appears to be a bit of fire scorching on two legs. The four legs radiate broadly to give it perfect balance and stability, with smooth wear underneath from decades of use. It has an aesthetic that impresses from across a room. The shaft is fitted with a wooden push-up fixture with period candle stub. Not including candle rises an impactful 9 inches tall; legs spread to just under 7 inches. Remarkable condition.

Dealer Don Olson
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Website http://www.donolsonantiques.com
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Contact Don Olson, 585-385-9002 or  earlypieces@aol.com

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