Embroidered Memorial by 15 Year-old Rhoda Moody of Granby, MA c.1804

Rhoda Moody

Silk embroidered memorial

Granby, MA c.1804


This beautifully composed memorial was worked by 15 year-old Rhoda Moody in 1804 who is depicted standing by the monument.  She was the older sister of the deceased children.  When Rhoda worked this she was an only child, her younger siblings had died and her youngest sister, Mary Ann had not yet been born.


Rhoda’s parents were Gideon Moody (1765-1829) and Mary Ferry (1767-1847).  Their children were Rhoda (1789-1828), *Thomas Hoey (1792-1794), *Loman A. (1803-1803), *Malinda (1800-1803), and Mary Ann (1810-1838)


Inscribed on the urns:

T.H.M.    M.M.      L.A.M.


Inscribed on the plinth:
In memory of 3 children of Gedeon and Mary Moody

Who died as follows.

 viz T.H. September 9 aged 1 year  1794

LA. August 2nd, 1803 aged (? Months)

?? Malinda Augest 31, 1803 Aged

2 years & 6 months


Silk, paper, and ink on silk.


Dealer Stephen & Carol Huber
Date: c.1804
Origin Granby, MA
Artist/Maker Rhoda Moody
Measurements 16” x 13 ½” framed.
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Price $3,800
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