Decorated Pantry Box

This lovely free hand decorated pantry box has 2 different floral pictures. The black background offers a sharp contrast to the decoration. One side shows a single white flower with blue and coral edging. The leaves on this side are a vivid olive green with gold smaller leaves. The other side has large gold leaves ribbed with coral veins and surround a single coral red rose. The top retains the undecorated black. Possibly the box was meant to be stacked or placed up high where top decoration would not be noticed. Forgive the dust. It's spent years in my bedroom up high. Bottom underside is stamped M Dunster.

Dealer Scott Bassoff, Sandy Jacobs Antiques
Date: Mid 19th century
Origin American
Measurements 10 3/4” by 5”
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Price 2250
Contact Sandy Jacobs, (603) 801-5532 or

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