Early Acoma Four-color Olla

An early Acoma four-color olla from the 1870's exhibiting outstanding ethnographic "water dipper" erosion to the rim.  Sadly, many of the early pueblo pottery pieces showing Native use were "restored" by the last generation of collectors and dealers.  Finding an example that still shows use history is a rare find in today's marketplace.  Similar examples from this time period were collected by the James Stephenson Expedition and are now mostly housed in the Smithsonian, Washington, D.C. The only conservation to this piece is a stabilized crack on the underside.

Dealer Brant Mackley Gallery
Date: early 1870's
Origin New Mexico, United States
Artist/Maker Acoma Pueblo
Measurements 11 in. high by approx.12 in. diameter
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Website http://www.brantmackley.com
Price $11,500
Contact Brant Mackley, 717-554-2176 or  brant@bmgart.com

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