19thc African American Women Crayon Photo

Striking image for its bold simplicity as well as the Victorian finery worn by a newly freed class of Americans. 


The early photo technique is called a solar enlargement or crayon photo for the hand painted water color or pastel details applied. 


Very good condition given the fragility with only minimal flaking and expansion at the frame's joints. Inclusion in the glass and construction suggest 1880s. 


Glass has been cleaned and an archival backing fitted. Attentive packing and shipping included. 

Dealer Natalie M. Curley
Date: 1880s/90s
Origin American
Artist/Maker Anonymous
Measurements 16 x 23" H
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Website https://nataliemcurley.com
Price $750
Contact Natalie Curley, 412 573 1352 or  curleysden@gmail.com

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