Countertop Tobacconist Figure

The golden tobacconist cast iron figure holding bronze tobacco leaves wearing a two part bronze tobacco leaf head dress would have been eye catching atop the counter when new.  Painted with a yellow primer under a gold finish now barely discernible from a century and a half of interior atmospheric accumulations over the likely original surface which appears to survive mostly intact.  The retained bolt heads which attached her to counter share the paint and environmental history.  A choice glowing faux bronze surface unintentionally achieved naturally.  Desireable surface, for some, with an aura of antiquity.  I am unable to determine the lettering of the artist or foundry twice struct in cartouche on the base.  City name another possibility.   The bronze tobacco leaves (located in three positions) are an unexpected survivor considering the vulnerability of these delicate features.  This figure probably dates within the last third of the 19th century. The custom pedestal (lifts her an additional 38") with a cast stone top by American Primitive Gallery in NYC.  31 pound figure.  

Dealer Clifton Anderson Art & Antiques
Date: Circa 1875
Origin American
Artist/Maker Unknown American
Measurements 27 1/2” height
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Price 13,000-
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