Meerschaum Pipe Owned by Hermann Trott of Minnesota

An important piece of Minnesota history.  This intricately carved Meerschaum pipe and matching bowl case were owned by Hermann Trott of Minnesota.  He was born in Hanover, Germany in 1830, the son of C. C. Trott, a German military officer.

Hermann settled in Pine County, Minnesota Territory in 1856 and was its first Justice of the Peace.  In 1863 he moved to St. Paul and was appointed secretary of the land department of the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company.  He later became land commissioner and treasurer of the company.  He was elected to the legislature in 1866.  In the early 1870s the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company named the railway village of Herman, Minnesota in his honor. 

Hermann moved to Washington in the 1890s, where he was one of the incorporators of the Prospecting Mining and Meterological Company in Tacoma.  He returned to St. Paul towards the end of his life and died there in 1903.

Included with the pipe and case are a cheroot holder pipe insert, cheroot holder and cigarette holder, all of which descended through the family.  There is some old wear to the brim of the hat.   

Dealer Mad River Antiques, LLC
Date: Late 19th C.
Origin European
Measurements Pipe: 6 1/2" long
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Price $275
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