Ohio Sampler by Frances L. Stacy, Washington County, 1826

Ohio samplers number far fewer that those made in New England or the mid-Atlantic States and have been researched, exhibited and published over the years, primarily by Sue Studebaker whose exhibition and book, Ohio Is My Dwelling Place: Schoolgirl Embroideries 1800-1850 (Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2002), continues to serve as an excellent resource. We are pleased to have recently acquired this very interesting Ohio sampler which functions in large part as a personal record of the samplermaker’s family. The maker was Frances Lorena Stacy who filled the entire right section of the sampler with pale but nonetheless legible stitches recording the births of her parents and siblings.

Frances Lorena Stacy was born on December 5, 1813 to Frances (Williams) and Joseph Stacy Jr. (1783-1842), a family with deep roots in the area in and around Marietta, Washington County, Ohio.

The Stacy family in America descended from Simon Stacy (1597-1644) who emigrated from Essex, England to Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1637 with his wife Elizabeth (Clerke) and their six children. Frances’ great-grandfather was Col. William Stacy (1734-1802) who served a prominent role in the Revolutionary War, notably the Battles of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill (Memorials of the Society of the Cincinnati of Massachusetts). In 1789, he removed to the Northwest Territory settling in Washington County, Ohio where he was one of the first settlers of Marietta. Notably, Col. Stacy and two of his sons were engaged with the Big Bottom Massacre, an attack in 1791 that initiated the Northwest Indian Wars. While Col. Stacy survived, his sons did not. The Stacy family is much recognized in the History of Washington County, Ohio (H. Z. Williams & Bro., Publishers, 1881). Further information is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Stacy

Frances remained single and removed to Warren County, Iowa at some point before 1860. According to the 1880 census, she was living in Squaw, Iowa with family members. She died there on April 5, 1887.

Much of this sampler is filled with a variety of alphabets and Frances included a fine little scene of a house, trees and three large birds. Worked in silk on linen, the sampler is in excellent condition with almost no fading to the original colors. A photo taken of the sampler prior to mounting (see below) confirms that the pale color to the lettering is the same as it looked when Frances made it. It has been conservation mounted and is in a beveled figured maple frame with a black bead.

The family births recorded by Frances on her sampler are transcribed below along with the names of each parent or sibling:

Jo’s Stacy bo. Dec. 2, 1782 (Joseph Stacy)

F. Stacy bo. Nov 16, 1793 (Frances Stacy)

F. L. S. bo. Dec 6, 1818 (Frances Lorena Stacy)

J. W. S. bo. June 20, 181 [sic] (Joseph William Stacy)

G. S. bo. Dec 17, 181 [sic] (Gideon Stacy, 1816)

L. S. bo. Feb 28, 1818 and died Oct 5 1823

H. C. S. bo. April 25, 1822 (Harriet C Stacy)


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Dealer M. Finkel & Daughter
Date: 1826
Origin Washington County, Ohio
Artist/Maker Frances L. Stacy
Measurements sampler size: 16½” x 15¾” • frame size: 20½” x 19¾”
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Price $5200
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