Important Late 18th Century Eight Panel New Mexican Granero (Harinero)

A New Mexican pinewood eight panel granero or harinero with wrought iron hardware which was used on haciendas to store grain and flour. In the late 18th-early 19th century such chests become a vital piece of furniture in households of status. This example is a newly discovered masterwork in "as-found" condition. The lock plate (escutcheon) has a blacksmith maker's mark which is rare amongst New Mexican furniture and opens a research avenue to be explored. The chest was purchased by a prominent New Mexico family in the 1930's-40's, possibly from Elmer Shupe. Please contact dealer for full condition report. Brant Mackley Gallery is always interested in acquiring New Mexican and other Western furniture.

Dealer Brant Mackley Gallery
Date: Late 18th-early 19th Century
Origin Santa Fe County, or Rio Grande Valley South to Albuquerque
Measurements 64 1/4 by 28 by 35 1/8 inches
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Price $90,000
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