Painting of Quaker Meeting

A wonderful 18th c. satirical painting of a Quaker meeting, with a gentleman of fashion, in brightly colored clothes, mocking the plainness of the Quakers. This painting was probably done from an engraving of a series of Quaker meeting paintings done by Egbert van Heemskerck the Elder of Haarlem and London. Dates for him are generally given as 1634-1704. His son (1676-1744) was also a painter in the same genre. Judging from the costume of the gentleman, this painting was probably done c. 1730-40, probably in London where the engravings, with occasional satirical and anti-feminist sentiments added or inscribed, were popular. Related 18th c. paintings taken from the engravings, are in the collection of the Ashmolean, and the Royal Collection Trust. Oil on board. In excellent condition.

Dealer Elliott & Grace Snyder
Date: c. 1730-40
Origin London, England
Measurements 34 ½” x 22”
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Price $ 6800
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