Colonial Kitchens, Their Furnishings, and Their Gardens

Hardcover with dust jacket. Colonial Kitchens, Their Furnishings, and Their Gardens by Frances Phipps. "A delightful authentic account of colonial times when the kitchen was the heart of the home and the garden provided herbs for cooking, dyes, and medicine." More than 350 illustrations. Based on settlers' journals and travelers' diaries. Published in 1972. 346 pp. Excellent condition. Chapters include The Wilderness Rim, The Kitchen Common Room, The Seventeenth-Century Kitchen, The Eighteenth-Century Kitchen, The Wild Plenty, The Standing Dishes, The Seventeenth-Century Garden, The Eighteenth-Century Garden, The Kitchen Manufactory, "ACountry New and Wonderful", and glosseries of utensils, beverages and brews, common foods and prepared dishes. Inclides a bibliography and index.

Dealer Russack & Loto Books, LLC
Date: 1972
Artist/Maker Frances Phipps
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