1880s Crochet Lace Tatting Textile Sample Boards

Natural, white and creme collar and doily samples, applied to screaming unwashed red tight woven cotton. 


Signed Mrs. Julia A. Coffin, found in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.


Measure 24 x 38” with blue accents, a single thread label attached and daisy. This piece is signed multiple times. 


24 x 72” panel shows many more color accents including pink, yellow, pale green, blue and a deep blue also with quite a few paper thread labels attached. 


This piece is unfinished with a 16” bare spot and at least one piece pinned near that field. There are two tears / holes (the largest 1” in diameter) that are not distracting. 


Striking enough to hang. 


Attentive packing and shipping included. 

Dealer Natalie M. Curley
Date: 1880s
Origin Pennsylvania / American
Artist/Maker Signed
Measurements please see description
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Website https://nataliemcurley.com
Price 575.
Contact Natalie Curley, 412 573 1352 or  curleysden@gmail.com

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