1900s Childs Post Mortem Itinerant Chalk Photo

Outrageously moving. 


Make shift farm studio, a loomed rug and over turned windsor chair to support the child's coffin. 


Known today as chalk photos, this was an early enlargment technique (scarce for its cost) whose details are sharpened with pastels. 


These actual photographs have an otherworldly folk composition. 


Blemishes and stains to the photo as well as faint fold line dead center. 


Paired in a period 16 x 20" frame with original paint and archival rag mat / foam refit. 

Dealer Natalie M. Curley
Date: 1900
Origin Found in PA.
Artist/Maker Anonymous
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Website https://nataliemcurley.com
Price 750
Contact Natalie Curley, 412 573 1352 or  curleysden@gmail.com

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