Bristol Delftware Set of Six Chinoiserie Polychrome Plates, Redbank Back Factory

Bristol Delftware Set of Six Polychrome Chinoiserie Scalloped Plates,

Redbank Back Factory,

Circa 1760

(Ref: NY9309-ipip)

The set of six English Chinoiserie delftware plates with a scalloped rim wavy rim and well decorated with chrysanthemum, peony, and other flowers sprouting from a hollow rock with an insect in flight above.  There are some typical flakes to the plates as seen in photos.

Dimensions  9 inches diameter x 1 inch high.

Reference: "An English Pottery Heritage, Part One, The Troy Chappel Collection of Earthenware & Stoneware 1630-1800", Page 342-343, for a blue and white plate in the same unusual form.

"English Delftware in the Bristol Collection", Frank Britton, Page 191, #12.30 for an identical plate (Shape F16-scalloped edge).

Dealer Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc.
Date: 1760
Origin England
Measurements 9 inches diameter x 1 inch high.
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Price 4000
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