Chinese Export Early 18th Century Moulded Porcelain Teapot, Cover & Stand

Chinese Export Early 18th Century Moulded Porcelain Teapot, Cover & Stand

The pear-shaped Chinese Export porcelain teapot with molded raised flower heads and stems in a rouge de fer & gilt with its circular stand. The raised flowers being chrysanthemums and prunus.

This type of porcelain with decorations painted in iron-red, gold, and some black enamel, is traditionally called melk en bloed, (which literarily translates as milk and blood). Interestingly, in The Netherlands in the 18th century, the name was also applied to a specific type of imported Indian chintz, with predominantly red decorations on a light ground. The composition and iconography usely conform to the normal export assortment of blue-and-white Kangxi porcelain of c.1700. The dating of early 18th century is confirmed by the existence of some Red & Gold objects in the collection of August the Strong (1670-1733). Apparently, this type of porcelain was popular mainly among the Dutch, and the very few pieces that can be found elsewhere in Europe usually come from The Netherlands. (Lunsingh Scheurleer 1989), (Jörg 2002/2)

Condition: Good with a very small repaired chip on the underside of the rim of the stand.

Dimensions: 5 inches high

Reference: Only grown in China and Japan during the 17th Century, tea became known in the Netherlands early because the Dutch East India Company (VOC) shipped small quantities home. Its use as a beverage was established slowly and was probably started by retired VOC employees who had become accustomed to drinking tea in the East. At a tea party, the expensive beverage was served in small teapots, one for each guest, filled with the leaves of the type he or she preferred. The tea was poured into small cups, while the teapot was refilled with hot water from a metal or sometimes ceramic kettle. The small quantity of famille verte teapots still abound reflects the demand in Europe at the time. Elaborately decorated, they must have been regarded as luxury wares for the upper classes. (Jörg 2011/2, p.131)

(Ref: NY9725-nnim)

Dealer Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc.
Date: 1710-20
Origin China
Measurements 5 inches high
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Price 3750
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