H.E. Boucher Mfg. Co. Motorized Cabin Cruiser Model.

Wonderful, scale Cabin Cruiser  model White and green hull. Craised varnish decks.  Exceptional Original Condition. 
The Kellogg Mfg. Co. , Rochester, NY, made Steam Boiler guage. There catalog can be found in the National Museum if American Heritage/ Smithsonian. The steam boiler / engine would probably work. 
Depending on location, I probably would   Deliver. 
HE Boucher, was located 150 Lafayette St. NY. 

Dealer George Spiecker / Fine Americana
Date: C. 1920
Artist/Maker H.E. Boucher Mfg.
Measurements 13 in. H x 44 L x 11 W.
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Website http://www.fineamericana.com
Price $5,500.
Contact George Spiecker, 913-269-8775 or  g.spiecker@comcast.net

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