CIVIL WAR SAILORS "VALUABLES BOX". Battle of Shiloh, The Gunboat "Tyler".

Wonderful Folk Art, Celebrating Americas History.

Name plate carved, "TYLER SHILOH".. We believe this recently discovered "valuables box", was decorated to celebrate the gunboat, "Tyler", used 1862, with the gunboat,  "Lexington",supporting the National troops, in the Cival War "Battle of Pitsburg Landing", (Shiloh), in Southwestern Tennessee. The "tyler" was a commercial side wheel steamboat, 'Acquired" by the U.S. Navy, June, 1861, to serve in Americas Civil War, 

Bone decorated- Anchor, Cannons, Stars, Canon Balls, and Name Plate.  All on a walnut, dovetailed, inlaid, chest with bottom drawer with period brass . All original. Possible interior tray missing.


Dealer George Spiecker / Fine Americana
Date: C.1862
Origin Americana
Measurements 6 1/4 H x 13 3/4 W x 6 1/4 D
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