Introducing a Historic William & Mary Worktable

.....Harmony of Design and Impressive Size

And Those legs! 

New England, likely Eastern Massachusetts, ca. 1700-1750. Pine top in the finest possible surface, cherry box stretchers, and gorgeous bold baluster-turned maple legs with “belted knops” and “weighted turnings”. The broad overhang balances the base perfectly. Full feet height. Joinery includes double wooden pegged mortice and tenon joints, large dovetails on the drawer, blacksmith-forged rosehead and T-head nails, and the top secured with large square wooden pegs. Untouched (save for later nails added to tighten the battens), right down to the original pull on the drawer.

About 25 inches tall; the top woodworked purposefully to a perfect two-to-one proportion of 52 ½ inches x 26 ¼.

In this period in which many tables were sized to fit in the limited space of smaller houses, the generous width suggests use in a grand home or meeting house.

The finest example I have found in weeks of research. It would not be overstating to call it a masterpiece. Except on gate-legs, this form of turned legs is exceedingly rare. In fact I found just one other example.

Provenance:  Now available after decades in a private New England collection. 

The next owner will be delighted by its aggregate greatness: best form, perfect proportions, high degree of originality, and very early date.

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