English Parrot Embroidery on Paper, circa 1820

Needlework on paper has always interested collectors as it allows for no missteps – the hole made by the needle must be incorporated into the work. This is a delightful portrait of a large, exotic, long-tailed parrot perched on an oak tree. The parrot is beautifully rendered and the leaves, acorns, tree trunk and ground are all skillfully shaded. 

Worked in silk on early, laid paper, this is in excellent condition. It is in a molded and painted black frame. 

Dealer M. Finkel & Daughter
Date: 1820
Origin England
Artist/Maker Anonymous
Measurements sight size: 9 "X 7" • framed size: 10¾” x 8½"
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Website http://www.samplings.com
Price 900
Contact Amy Finkel, 215-292-3568 or  mailbox@samplings.com

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