19thc Jeweler's Masonic Medals Folk Art Drawings 100+ Archive / Ledger

Measures 6.5 x 8” with 59 used pages (of perhaps 200). Nicely rebound sometime in the 20th century in blue pebbled leather. It is stable and presentable.


There are 120 individual hand done drawings with another half dozen that are printed. The smallest measure just 1” and the largest 3”, some drawn on other paper and pasted but all in the manner of neat record.


Drawings are in pairs, the front and back of the man’s specific membership fob. In most cases the front reflects his station or occupation and the reverse follows with a Masonic symbol or motto.


Common among them are all seeing eye, temple columns, compasses, jacobs ladder, skulls & crossbones, beehives, bibles, maltese crosses, helmet shield and swords, keystones, temple stairs, scrolls, arks and anchors, mallets & chisels, a sheaf of wheat. One medal references Blumenthal Commandery of Altoona which appears to be a reference to Knights Templar event in 1855.


There is more than one man who was with the developing railroad, even one locomotive with an open carriage for the engineer. Other occupational themes include justice, medicine and a printing press.


Approximately 100 of the drawings are fully finished (about 20 others are pencil sketch) in charcoal, black ink wash and brown fountain pen with a very few watercolored in a full palette.


Many of the drawings are TO SCALE representing the elaborate pocket watch fobs of the members. Very likely completed by an expert jeweler or engraver. 



Full page pen drawing (frontis) has become detached.


Bold and folky renderings of Native Americans and Pilgrim Settlers with cornucopias on either side of a globe. The angel’s legs are particularly reminiscent of an early Pennsylvania fraktur. Masonic symbols wound through the Americana imagery.


A second full page pencil frontis piece depicting Mount Moriah with an angel, keystone and temple stairs records this as the Registry of Marks for Hollidaysburgh (sic) Penn. / R.A. Masons Chapter #166.

Dealer Natalie M. Curley
Date: 1850s
Artist/Maker Anonymous
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Website https://curleysantiques.com/
Price 3500
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