1960s JFK Era Society Woman Outsider Art Folk Drawings

Compelling and virtually inexplicable. 


(36) 8 x 10” nearly transparent sheets of copy or mimeograph paper dating to the early 1960s with references to Lyndon B. Johnson’s family and the William W. Scranton family (famed Pennsylvania Governor and Kennedy supporter) offering sympathy that implies but does not name JFK's assanation. 


The overwhelming narrative here is of high societal pressures, the drawings focused on proper women and their behavior. Perhaps a third of the pages quote scripture and illustrate a Christ figure walking with / guarding these women. 


The outlines of the drawings done by a mechanical method and then filled in, like an individual coloring book. All hand colored with pencils and color ink pens. No color is printed. 


Aesthetics reference Pennsylvania German frakturs as much as war era tattoo flash boards, the overall style somehow still distinct and cohesive. 


If the voice comes from the society it portrays this is an unusual perspective in Outsider / Visionary, art possibly created by a have rather than a have not. 


Condition: Pages are double sided (72 in total, of which there are 49 full page drawings). There are a very few spots of either smudge or foxing and nicked edges. 


Whiter paper in person, the double sided pages required backing with black here to avoid bleed through in the photographs.


Without a sequence or continuous narrative, each stands alone or could make one smashing installation together. 


New to the market, found in and likely originate from Eastern Pennsylvania. 

Dealer Natalie M. Curley
Date: 1960s
Origin Pennsylvania
Artist/Maker Anonymous
Measurements 8 x 10"
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Website https://nataliemcurley.com
Price 4500
Contact Natalie Curley, 412 573 1352 or  curleysden@gmail.com

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