FLOATING Exuberant Folk Art Painting

America, ca. 1840-1860. 

Oil on canvas.

Discover a captivating still life that bridges time and imagination. Painted during the period of American Fancy, this painting is a window into a realm where art bursts forth in vivid hues and playful patterns, igniting the senses.

I see luscious fruits floating in warm tropical waters (note the bubbles). At the heart of this artistic journey stands a then scarce symbol of luxury and hospitality: the pineapple. In a departure from conventional still life compositions, this painting embraces innovation, placing its fruity subjects floating on the water, rather than confining them to traditional urns or baskets.

The intrigue deepens as your gaze follows the bird's flight, guiding you toward enigmatic "twigs" that take on a whimsical twist. These twigs, reminiscent of Tim Burton's surreal aesthetic, appear to be zoomorphic renditions of baby alligators, their tiny legs blending seamlessly with the branches. Presented in a terrific period ripple frame.

Relined with new stretcher. Scattered in-painting. Frame size about 27 ½ inches x 21 ¼. Signed lower right by previously unknown artist “C.F. Miller”.

Purchased on Sept. 15, 1979 from Sotheby Parke-Bernet, NYC, lot 30.
Important provenance available upon request.

Dealer Don Olson
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