Oversized Dutch Case Gin Bottle, C. 1780.

Standing a commanding 13 5/8” in height, this oversized Dutch gin bottle is an exceptional example of its type. The bottle dates to the last quarter of the 18th century and it is remarkably damage free, though it does exhibit many of the pleasingly crude qualities of early glass, including unmelted silica, “foamy galaxies” of bubbles and numerous inconsistencies and stretch marks as is expected of wood fired glass from the 18th century. This fine bottle towers over the traditionally sized Dutch gins (typically just shy of 10” in height and much narrower at the base) and it stands proud as a superlative example of early bottle glassmaking.

Dealer Jeff & Holly Noordsy
Date: C. 1780
Origin Dutch
Measurements 13 5/8"H
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Website http://www.noordsyantiques.com
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