Exceptional Early Hanging Wallbox

Likely Hudson River Valley, ca. 18th century. Pine. Slightly canted case in original red paint, this box has an unusual double demi-lune hanger and a rarely seen reeded front board and iron-strap blacksmith-made exposed hinges. The reeding is formed by hand planning. Chisel marks are readily apparent on the chamfered hanger edges. The interior has a thin vertical divider on the left, perhaps used to hold candles on the longer side, tinder and lighting material on the shorter. The strap hinges are attached to the top of the lid via wrought nails which are clenched to the under-side. The rear of the hinges are joined by heavy wrought iron staples which penetrate the backboard, then clenched over from behind. Condition is very good, with normal wear as expected. Clearly heavily used given the encrustation visible on the lid and two ancient splits that are held by early cut nails. A museum accession number (292) is labeled on the back. This special wall box is for the collector who wants early, color, rarity, and great character. About 16 inches long x 9 tall x 5 1/2 deep.

Dealer Don Olson
Date: ca. late 18th c.
Origin New England or Hudson River Valley
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Website http://www.donolsonantiques.com
Price SOLD
Contact Don Olson, 585-385-9002 or  earlypieces@aol.com

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