Fanciful Folk Art Paint Decorated Dome-Top Box or Dower Chest

From the Lewiston, ME area. Circa 1830. Basswood. Dovetailed case. Delightful palette and color contrast with wisps of black paint and yellow and black dots against a rich 'old brick red' colored ground. The pattern formed has some order, as if the dots were being carried horizontally in the black wind around the central initials M.A.P., yet follows no predetermined pattern and is without aid of comb or other limiting device. This wonderful palette and original, whimsical, free-form decoration in dramatic colors elevate this box above most of its contemporaries. Excellent condition retaining original hinges and hasp and side handles (missing just one bale). Paint has expected minor scuffs and wear. Ample size at about 30 inches wide, which, combined with the lock set, indicates that in-period this box likely held expensive textiles or clothing, which were of sufficient value to merit lock and key, or served to secure a young lady's valuables, i.e., a dower chest. M.A.P. was likely the initials for whom the box was made. Feel free to ask for high res images, as the impressive nature of this box is more readily seen in larger size.

Dealer Don Olson
Date: ca.1830
Origin area of Lewiston, Maine
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