Charming Bergen County Child's Armchair

Distinctive turned finials and scalloped-shaped splats identify this child's armchair as Bergen County, NJ, ca. late 18th century to 1800. Probably maple and ash. In a fine state of preservation having well worn surface on the arms and front stretcher, and characteristic wear to the finials from toddlers balancing on the inverted chair while using it as a walker. Early rush seat. Note the splay from the rear posts to the front. Very early reddish brown stained finish. Even after more than 200 years, this chair remains in strong, sturdy usable condition. Full sized chairs of this form are in the collection of the Bergen County Historical Society. Stands about 24 1/2 inches tall to the top of the finials x 14 1/4 at its widest (front posts) and about 11 deep (from the back curve of the slats to the facing of the front posts). Child's armchairs of this level of sophistication are scarce

Dealer Don Olson
Date: ca. late 18th/1800
Origin Bergen County NJ
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