Yokuts gambling tray

The Yokuts are known as master weavers. Their baskets are among the most prized of all baskets.


Yokuts women gambled using dice made out of walnut. Score was kept using sticks.


This basket is coiled out of sedge, redbud and dyed bracken fern on a deergrass foundation. With a beautifully executed whirlwind design, this basket is a work of beauty.  It is highly desirable in size, form and condition.





Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: circa 1900-1920s
Origin Yokuts, Central California
Measurements 19" diameter
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Website http://www.marcyburns.com
Price $5900.*SALE
Contact Marcy Burns Schillay, 212-439-9257 or  info@marcyburns.com

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