Early Wallpaper Top Hat

Massachusetts. ca. early 19th century. Wallpaper on pasteboard, interior lined with newspaper dated 1814. This is not a "hat box" rather a much scarcer form of a wearable hat, although it wasn't likely ever worn, rather created just for the pleasure of its existence (just for nice). Beautiful wallpaper pattern, accented by embossing of features, and hues of forest green, soft yellow, and oyster white, the positioning of the patterns carefully chosen for bold and decorative effect. The interior newspaper has intriguing postings, including the auction of cannons, and features the Massachusetts nomination for Governor of Samuel Dexter. Dexter, (who's father was a prominent citizen of Woodstock, CT during the Revolution) served as US Senator, Secretary of War under Adams, and Secretary of Treasure and State. The hat is in terrific period condition with just expected wear on high points. The seams are perfect and no repairs are noted. Stands about 8 inches tall; the brim is about 12 5/8 front to back, 11 1/2 side to side.

Dealer Don Olson
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