Navajo/Zuni vintage bracelet

Along with ingot or coin silver, this vintage Navajo bracelet is made with high-quality turquoise from various mines. Each stone is substantial in size and the bracelet reflects wonderful design. As is characteristic of bracelets made in this early period, the bezels are simple but substantive. Each "ball" is hand formed and soldered onto the base, and the silver "chain" is hand-made.


Condition is excellent.


High quality and beautiful early bracelets such as this are always sought after. They are not plentiful and we are very happy to offer this to our customers.

Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: 1920-1930
Origin Navajo/Zuni
Artist/Maker unsigned
Measurements 2 1/2" d inside; 1 3/4" from back center to opening; opening size is 1" d
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