Panamint pictorial bottleneck basket

In spite of living in Death Valley with its harsh conditions, the Shoshone Panamint Indians wove beautiful baskets.  In response to commercial trade which arrived alongisde the railroads, Panamint weavers refined their basketry and wove even finer baskets.  They also began to incorporate pictorial images in their designs in response to demand by Anglos. They were a very small tribe and yet they were prolific weavers.


This basket is an example of the high quality some of the weavers were able to achieve. With a stitch count of 34 stitches per inch and a coil count of 9-10 coils, it is truly remarkable. The design is that of the thunderbird, considered by many native peoples to be representative of life.


This basket is coiled using willow and bulrush root.



Dealer Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC
Date: circa 1910-1930
Origin Panamint Indians, Death Valley, CA
Artist/Maker unknown weaver
Measurements 6 1/2" d x 5" high
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Price $7500.*SALE
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