The Sketchbooks of John Samuel Blunt

The Sketchbooks of John Samuel Blunt by Deborah M. Child. Softcover. 120pp. Excellent condition. Blunt was a talented artist who worked in the seacoast of New Hampshire in the 1820s. He died young, but the body of his work that remains reveals a talented artist who gave a sympathetic eye to the landscape. Six chapters encompass: Who Was John Samuel Blunt, Provenance of the Sketchbooks, Real Places and Real Time, Up and Down the Piscataqua, Figural Studies and Fancy Work, Nature Was His Inspiration. A chronology of life events of Blunt and a John Samuel Blunt Family Tree round out the book. More than 75 high quality color illustrations are excellent for learning more about this elusive fellow.

Dealer Russack & Loto Books, LLC
Date: 2007
Origin Portsmouth, NH
Artist/Maker Deborah M. Child
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Price $150
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