Carved Miniature Furniture

A 5 piece suite of miniature furniture signed by maker, "Bilikel 60 Nicoll St., New Haven Conn". Each piece is unique, the table (14" high, 12" across) has a turtle as the base, the armchair (16" tall, 9" across)has human hands and arms for the "arms" on the chair and an elaborate dragonfly on back of chair. The rocker (16" tall , 71/2" across) has an inset panel with a bird on a branch  and 2 acorns with oak leaves. The side chair (14" tall 7" wide) has a well developed carved eagle on the back. The sofa ( 18" tall 21" wide) is upholstered and has ELEANOR carved on base with vines, flowers and 2 shells or leaves on top.

the set in is original finish and is in excellent condition.

Dealer Scott Bassoff, Sandy Jacobs Antiques
Date: Late 19th C
Origin New Haven, Ct.
Artist/Maker Bilikel
Measurements Table 14" high 12" across
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Price $3500
Contact Sandy Jacobs, (603) 801-5532 or

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